vellgarrett asked:

Do you all care whether if a applicant take the SAT or ACT ? Which one do you perfer? How do you all feel about the PSAT ? Will my PSAT score affect the decision on whether I can get accepted ?

We don’t have a preference between the SAT or ACT, but we do require that you take at least one of them. We also require two SAT subject tests, so it comes down to what you feel most comfortable taking. You can read more about our standardized test requirements here

The PSAT is not something we see and it is not a factor in admission decisions. 

Heart of the Matter

Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter discussed the central role the humanities and social sciences play in seeding innovation and perpetuating democracy during a visit to Carnegie Mellon University on Friday.

Souter’s talk, “The Heart of the Matter: The Humanities and Social Sciences for a Vibrant, Competitive, and Secure Nation,” called for increased support for research and renewed efforts to increase student engagement.

"The Congress of the United States, every government agency, and indeed every private agency that provides funding for research and development has an obligation not only to the STEM subjects, but to the humanities and to the social sciences," Souter said. "It is identical to the obligation that those who set university curriculums have: to guarantee that their graduates, whatever their majors may be, have had a training in these certain ways of thinking. Each of these obligations is identical to the obligation of funders and educators to the future of the United States, to its liberty and to its prosperity. It is an obligation that simply cannot be exaggerated."